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Deliver your healthcare service now via a new online channel.

What is Coviu Health?

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Easy to set up video consultations for healthcare practitioners

Gone are the days where you needed large investments to start and run online video consultations. Set up high-fidelity video consultations in under 5 minutes.

Internet connectivity

A consumer grade Internet connection is sufficient with Coviu video conferencing technology. We require merely a minimum of about 200 Kbps per video connection upstream and downstream. Test your bandwidth here.

Simple hardware setup

Any current PC is capable of running an online consultation - merely extend it with a consumer grade high definition video camera and a set of speakers and you are ready to go. Test your setup here.

Rich interactions specific to your profession

Coviu provides a feature-rich interface that is clean and simple to use. Tools for sharing data are at your fingertips.

Work with the data of your profession

Share high quality data relevant to your specialisation. For example,

  • as a pulmonary specialist, point out issues on high quality medical images of lungs,
  • as a physiotherapist, draw a map of the muscle regions that need attending to,
  • as a surgeon sketch an operation on a whiteboard,
  • as a speech pathologist share stimulus material or a standardized test.
Opportunity to integrate devices

One important aspect in health consultations are medical devices and the data they provide. We are able to integrate the real-time data of many devices into a video call. Speak to us about the logistics surrounding this functionality.

Increase the efficiency of your practice

Online consultations have proven to lead to a stricter routine and thus more time in the day to hold consultations.

Reduce the number of no-shows

Patients jump into a video consultation immediately - time wasted on no-shows or late-shows is reduced.

Retain and gain customers

Patients who move away, are travelling, are less mobile or live in a remote area can continue to be serviced by you, their trusted health practitioner.

Reduce house calls

Use your time more efficiently with remote house calls. If you are monitoring an early discharged patient, you can review live medical device data within the call.

Reduce the risks involved in running a health service

Running a health practice can be a risky business.

Reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases

In an online consultation there is no risk of contagious patients infecting other patients or infecting yourself.

Reduce your health practice risk

In an online consultation, you have the ability to record sessions, resulting in material that can be used to reduce medical malpractice exposure.

Improve the quality, reach and frequency of your service

Online consultations provide an opportunity to diversify your service offering and adjust to the needs of your patients.

Approach time-poor patients

Busy professionals in the workforce can't make the time for a doctor's appointment or regular exercises even if it was in the interest of their employer.

Shorter and more frequent sessions

Patients with chronic illnesses require more, but shorter touch points. Online consultations allow you to deliver such quick check-in services frequently without making the patient travel.

More successful recurring sessions

Many health services require recurring sessions, e.g. speech pathology, psychotherapy, or physiotherapy. With online consultations, it's easier to stick to a plan and thus achieve positive treatment outcomes.

Connected to the system you work with

You and your team are most productive when your entire workflow is in one application from start to finish.


Coviu is built to integrate with other health systems so you can hold your video consultation from within your usual calendar. Contact us if your system of choice is not supported yet and we will work to make it happen.


At Coviu we know the best way to satisfy the needs of our customers is to focus on what we do well and partner with others where their strengths are. Coviu is therefore built for integrations and extensions.


Number of call participants

A Coviu consult can have up to 4 other endpoints in a call - this may be one or more patients or other health practitioners.

Shared pointing and annotating

Every participant in a Coviu consultation is signified by a color. Their pointer and annotations on any shared data can be easily distinguished.

Share documents and images

Documents, images and photos can be shared and annotated in a Coviu call, replicating the rich interaction possibilities available in a face-to-face situation.

Share a whiteboard

If you need to sketch an operation, write down the name of an over-the-counter medication or share notes with a patient, there's a whiteboard available. It can be saved and printed at every endpoint.

Share application screens

Participants in a Coviu consultation can share their local application windows, for example specific medical applications, a training app, or health device data displays.

Bring paper documents into the conversation

A simple addition of a second camera like a document camera can allow you to bring paper documents into the conversation.

Technical Information

Coviu is built on modern standards and state of the art encryption technology.

Integration API

Provides a programming interface to dynamically create URLs that other applications can use to directly enter a Coviu collaboration interface. An SDK for integration into devices or other native applications is in development.

Privacy in your call

Connections between yourself and your patients are encrypted with state of the art encryption technology - your audio, video and data connection is private.

Data security

Documents and data are only shared between you and your patients directly over an encrypted connection - there is no server in between and no uploads are made. The data in your video consultations only exists between you and your patient.

No plugins

Use in your Web browser without installing any software. Simply follow a URL.

Cross platform support

Use a Chrome or Firefox browser on any desktop computer. Coviu supports Android or iOS via an app on a tablet or mobile device.

High quality audio and video

Standard computer equipment and consumer grade bandwidth enable delivery of high definition video and audio.